Maryland Cannabis Physicians

New Medical Marijuana Patients

We are not accepting NEW PATIENTS at this time. If you are a new patient please contact our friends at Marijane Consults at or call them at 443-371-6940.

The first step in the process for obtaining a cannabis card is to make sure that the patient has a medical diagnosis that qualifies for medical cannabis.  The medical conditions that qualify a patient for medical marijuana treatment are listed below or on the Commissions website (

In the state of Maryland, where our medical marijuana physician practice is located, the qualifying conditions to become a medical cannabis patient are:

If the patient has one of the listed medical conditions, then the patient should obtain copies of medical records which state their medical condition, as well as an evaluation from one of their doctors. It is strongly recommended that the patients see their primary care doctor or specialist if they feel they have one of these medical conditions but do not have any documentation to prove their condition.  A brief letter from their primary care doctor would suffice if it states the medical condition, approximate duration of condition, failed treatments and any imaging results if relative. 

While we do not need the patient's complete medical file, we would like to understand any medical history. However, if it is unrelated to the symptoms that require medical marijuana treatment, it is not necessary to obtain paperwork. We would also like copies of any related imaging (mainly for patients with chronic pain). The patient needs to bring copies to our office by hand or mail or email. 

Please note that we are not a medical marijuana dispensary. We provide medical evaluations and write a letter of recommendation that is presented to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission and it is up to the commission to make the final decision.  We will help clarify or alter our documentation for the commission if required by the commission in support of the patient’s situation and to facilitate the process of eligible patients to receive medical marijuana cards.

The medical marijuana patient can either come to our office to get registration forms for their evaluation or they may download and print from our website.  Patients can bring in medical records when they come to get registration forms or  when they drop off completed registration forms that were printed from home. The patient will need to reschedule an appointment if they do not have medical records in hand or sent by email on the day of their evaluation with our office.

When patients make an appointment with us, we block off that time with the physician. We do not double book patients and we will try our best to not make you wait longer than 15 minutes. If the patient made appointments with us and no shows twice, the third appointment made will require a deposit of $100.00. If the patient no shows on the third appointment, Maryland Cannabis Physicians has the right to keep the deposit as payment for the missed appointment. If the patient shows up for the third appointment the deposit will be credited to the patient account for the appointment. 

Maryland Cannabis Physicians has no control over the process in which the dispensaries are opening and/or have product available. We are following the rules and regulations of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission and the information that they are providing and have provided to us.

Please be aware that we do not offer refunds for services that have been performed, only in extreme circumstances will we consider a refund.  Please contact our office for more information.


Download Medical Forms

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