Maryland Cannabis Physicians

Existing Medical Marijuana Patients

An existing patient is any patient who has seen a medical provider at least once at Maryland Cannabis Physicians for a medical evaluation for their cannabis card.

The medical care of our staff does not end after the evaluation and we serve to create a long lasting patient-physician relationship to help the patients as a whole.

Existing patients who need medical evaluation for marijuana treatment and renewal of their medical marijuana card will need to schedule an appointment. Please see how to schedule an appointment here.

For all patients recertifying their prescription with Dr. Wah - As of January 2019 the State of Maryland Cannabis Commission (MMCC) changed their guidelines and all patients must hold a physical green card. Ordering one through your patient profile on the MMCC website also renews your 16 digit patient ID number through the state which is the number we are required to use to renew your prescription. Please make sure you have ordered your card and renewed your number prior to renewal with us - failing to do so will result in expulsion of your patient ID number and the state will require a new application be processed. Your ID number will now be good for three years after completing this process. If you have questions about ordering your card or you are unsure of your login information please call the MMCC at 410-487-8100.
Recertifying your prescription with Dr. Wah is still once yearly.