Maryland Cannabis Physicians


Checklist to Obtain your Medical Cannabis Card/Medical Marijuana Card

1. Do you have one of these medical conditions:

2. Schedule your appointment by using the GET YOUR MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD button at the top of the page and we will contact you or call our office at 667-367-2260/410-871-8107

3. Register for a patient account through the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commissions website  to receive a Patient ID. It could take up to 45 business days to receive the Patient ID. After you have received your ID  please email us at the patient ID number so that our doctors can upload your information and letter of recommendation (after your appointment). After we upload your information you should recieve an email from the MMCC stating you are approved.

4. Obtain your medical records from your physician and bring them to your appointment or you may have our office contact your physician and obtain them. If you want us to contact them for you please fill out this Release Form. 

5. Please have all your paper work filled out prior to your visit, you will need the New Patient Form completed. If you'd rather complete this in our office please arrive 15 minutes early for your visit.

6. Bring your payment (cash/credit) to your appointment, payment is required at time of appointment. Please see the Fee Schedule document for more details on costs. You will also need to bring a valid government identification card.

7. Monitor the commission’s website after you have filled out the needed info and the letter of recommendation has been uploaded.  The commission will post approval/denials online and the time between registration completion and approval/denial is determined by the commission and questions/delays should be forwarded to the commission.

8. Make sure that your MMCC registration/Card is vaild and will not expire. Check your MMCC registration date.

Enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana!